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Legendary Brawl is one the best Brawl Stars Private Server for Android and IOS.


How to get, install a Brawl Stars Private Server and play on it

How to download Legendary Brawl

Go to theĀ  Download Button below and you will get to the download page, click on the download button. You will come to a page where you have to wait 5 seconds and then you have to press the continue button. After that you get to our official download!

How to install the Android Apk

In the notification bar you will see the progress of downloading. When its ready, just press on the "Download ready" message and a window will open where you can install the apk. Dont be afraid of the security warning, your system only wants apps of the PlayStore, but I can prove: There is no malware or something like this in our App, it's just the edited Brawl Stars Apk! Be sure to have "install from unknown sources" in settings>security turned on!

How to play our game

Open Legendary Brawl App and subscribe all the channels in the welcome messages. Now you can play on the server like on the real Brawl Stars, so HAVE FUN!
Need help? Just go to our Support site.

Discover all the new highlights of Brawl!

Legendary Brawl has the best new created cards. Download now and install!

Best features, most fun!

Brawl Stars Private Server on the


The best Private Server for Brawl Stars for smartphones!

Edited App

New created and old edited cards! All Cards are automatically unlocked!


Join Clans, Destroy enemies and Find friends to play with. You can play online and battle via our pvp-system!

Updated regulary

Legendary Brawl will not stop making updates for you!


Our private Server is free for everyone! There are no In-App Purchases because you have unlimited gems and gold!(Test)

Best Servers

The server we use are stable and you only get the best connections. No connection lost!


You can get support via Discord, WhatsApp and almost all other social media!


Meet our community on discord.

Or visit our support page with E-Mail, WhatsApp and more!

Meet our community on discord.

Or visit our support page with E-Mail, WhatsApp and more!

What is a private server?

A private server is hosted on a vps (virtual private server) or on a dedicated server and has dedicated hosting to be able to let many users play without loosing connections. We have to reach more than a million people at the same time so we cant go with a normal connection.

These servers are strong and powerful to avoid mistakes or wrong responses. Buying a managed dedicated server or a virtual private network is not cheap, we invest many time in it.

If the server will go down anyways, we can have connection errors with hosting or the server is offline to let us fix errors. There are many errors, so if you get connection issues, just close the app and reopen it later. If it still does not work, you can get support here.

TOP of Brawl Stars servers

Legendary Brawl - The best Private Server for Brawl Stars you can find on the internet!

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